Everything To Know About Window Wells

Window wells are built around basement window to be able to hold earth away which becomes possible through its small retaining walls that are made either of masonry or metal. Window wells let natural light to enter your basement. The biggest advantage of installing such is having natural light entering your basement. Without a doubt, natural light can easily brighten any room and being in the basement, it requires more light as it can have. Window well systems on the other hand that are improperly installed can lead to seepage and leakage on your basement as well as unwanted visitors similar to little critters.

It will demand professional when you want window wells installed because as what said earlier, if the installation is done wrong, it can lead to lots of problems. Galvanized steel barriers are what used when building window wells back in the past. The barrier is actually open at top in order to let more light and open at the bottom to let water out when the snow melt or during rain. What seems to be the problem in this particular design is the fact that the open top lets the debris to enter and little critters similar to squirrels and raccoons. Weeds can grow at bottom part of window well and galvanized steel that's used can be dark and rusty.

On the other hand, modern Rockwell window well system helps preventing problems that are caused by conventional window wells through innovative ideas. The first one is by making use of a durable and clear window well cover in an effort to critters and dirt out and light to enter. Galvanized steel barrier is also replaced by a polycarbonate barrier that won't rust. New window wells are also fully enclosed including the bottom part so, there's no chance for weeds to grow. Aside from that, this comes with a specially designed wall and bottom that is reflecting as much light as possible to your basement.

There are other window well systems that are adjustable, which makes it easier to fit at any depth of window and meet specifications of building codes for safety exit from your basement in times of emergency. Scenic liners are available which can be attached to barrier. The liner is made out of durable waterproof and weatherproof styrene that can hold its shape in cold or hot weather. Rolling the scene to the window well and attaching it on the barrier is easy.

You are likely to create an awesome 3D effect because the image is curve. Now that you have a scenic backdrop, you may decorate the foreground in any way you like. Go watch this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGXAq2D6v4o.